Privacy Policy

The TM protects your privacy and data as well as we can. We do not sell member or visitor data. And we use strict Symantec (Norton), Microsoft, and Google systems to lessen the possibility of a problem. In addition, PayPal provides high-level purchasing protection. Also, (our website e-commerce provider) has other measures built in for site functionality and safety.

The TM is a membership site with sales and bookings. Therefore, Wix cookies are necessary to run the system. The system is designed to help The TM serve visitors and members better. Wix informs us of site data such as when a visitor or member is on The TM, when a visitor becomes a member, and when a member buys or books a service. However, for non-members, we only receive a randomly assigned number and a city or state in a country.

Nevertheless, if you are concerned about such data, rest at ease. We follow the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore, members can ask that 1) we send you the data that Wix has and/or 2) that Wix permanently deletes it.

Both 1) and 2) take two to six business days. This is because it involves five transmissions and includes three parties, that is, “Member à The TM à Wix à The TM à Member”. In the case of 1), we send the member the data by secure file-sharing. For 2), The TM receives no data but informs the member of its deletion after hearing from Wix. (The TM’s workdays and hours are at #10 on our FAQ page.)

The TM occasionally advertises. We use Facebook. That enables Facebook to obtain some information on users of The TM site so that ads reach users likely to be interested in our services. However, you can significantly control Facebook’s access to information here.

Finally, though The TM is a membership system, we do not share any member's information with any other member unless we receive a clearly written request from the parties involved.

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