Per-Page Editing

  • The TM does thorough edits that go far beyond many of our competitors’ simple spelling, vocabulary, and grammar changes. For instance, we improve the style and tone so that the final document has the effect you intend. We can do that because we tailor our edits based on background you provide. As a result, our work is often a combination of copywriting and editing.
  • But, are you concerned about per-page editing because of bad experiences with our competitors, who often rush through per-page work? That does not happen at The TM. We are dedicated to quality.
  • The types of documentation we handle include emails, reports, presentations, pamphlets, and resumes. The English can be business, technical, or general.
  • Unless for a presentation, we recommend that you submit a Microsoft (MS) Word file because Word has a Track Changes function that enables you to easily see our revisions. And, if you have MS PowerPoint 2013 or 2016, you can use a Compare function to see changes made, though only one by one.
  • To help ensure the best result, The TM will probably contact you with questions. In addition, check what we return. If necessary, you can resubmit the document for more changes and/or arrange a Skype session*. (Both cases will add to the total cost.) Or, you can contact us with a quick question. That might be free!
  • Before clicking “Add to Cart”, read the “Payment Policy” and "General Instructions" below.


    *Skype sessions are billed in ten-minute increments at 1,250 yen each.


    • Initial Purchase Price
      • Pay the price listed on our website. That price is for one page of editing. Do not pay more than that initially. However, the final price may be higher depending on the actual number of pages. So, consider the listed price to be a down payment. See Price Adjustments below.
    • Per-Page Edit Calculations
      • One page costs 2,000. The word count for a page is 200 words or less based on your original file’s content. So, for instance, if we get 100 words, it equals one page, but if we receive 201 words, it is two pages.
        • Calculation Example: If our calculated page count is somewhere in the range of 201 to 400 words, that is, two pages, the price is 4,000 yen (= 2,000 x 2). We will then bill you for an additional 2,000 (= your 2,000 yen down payment plus 2,000).
    • Estimating Your Cost
      • Estimating is easy and accurate if you correctly add up the words in the original file. But keep in mind that the price will go up if you request an additional check after the file is returned. See Additional Checks below.
    • Additional Checks
      • You can have as many checks as you like, but will be billed as follows.
        • We charge 1,000 a page unless you make major revisions, in which case it stays at 2,000 yen.
    • Price Adjustments
      • If the final price is higher than your initial purchase price for one page, we will soon request additional payment. Payment will be due seven business days later.

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