Standard Transcript (“Read Your Spoken English”)

  • The TM’s Standard Transcript service is great for anyone who has booked a Skype for Business session. We transcribe part of a session’s presentation, role-play, or discussion. Or, your transcription can be something that you choose completely on your own, such as you and a colleague discussing a proposal. Simply tell us which type via the “Background and Requested Deadline” textbox below.
  • We provide one transcript of up to five minutes of audio.
  • You learn a lot from reading what you said. In fact, we nicknamed this service “Read Your Spoken English” because customers were amazed to see what they actually said.
  • Our Standard and Deluxe Transcriptions have the same hourly price. Some customers ask, “How is that possible?” Well, the standard is in fact more economical. You do not have to pay for the time required for us to correct the transcript, etc. However, from a learning perspective, The TM highly recommends the Deluxe Transcription.
  • Before clicking “Add to Cart”, read the “Payment Policy” and "General Instructions" below.
    • Initial Purchase Price
      • Pay the price listed on our website. That price is for one hour of Standard Transcript work. Do not pay more than that initially. However, the final price will often be lower or higher depending on the time required. So, consider the listed price to be a down payment. See Price Adjustments below.
    • Transcription Cost Calculations
      • One hour costs 7,500 yen. But The TM calculates its time in 10-minute increments at 1,250 yen each.
        • Calculation Example #1: If we spend 50 minutes on a job, the final price comes to 6,250 yen (1,250 x 5). We will then refund 1,250 yen (= your 7,500 yen down payment minus 1,250).
        • Calculation Example #2: If we spend 80 minutes on a job, the final price is 10,000 yen (1,250 x 8). We will then bill you an additional 2,500 yen (= your 7,500 yen down payment plus 2,500).
    • Roughly Estimating Your Cost
      • The TM needs an average of about one hour to transcribe 2.5 minutes of audio (equal to approximately 400 words). This is for typical Japanese-English quality with content that is not highly specialized, such as in an IEEE speech. However, keep in mind that there are many variables that may significantly influence the time required, e.g., the sound quality and English level.
    • Additional Checks
      • You can have as many checks of the same file as you like and specify what you want us to check, but will be billed as follows.
        • The rate remains 1,250 yen for every ten minutes. However, if you request that we only recheck a small portion, the cost will be significantly lower than for any earlier check.
      • If you request a check of a new file that you hope is a better version based on what you read in a previous transcript, the time required to transcribe will decrease roughly in proportion to your improvements.
      Price Adjustments
      • Whenever the final price is different from your initial purchase price, we will soon notify you of a refund or request additional payment. Payment will be due seven business days later.

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